Standard Recirculation Extraction Canopies

Ideal for sites that are unable to duct to the outside of the building.

Model 1050

Our recirculation canopies are design to work with electric equipment and ideal for sites that are unable to duct to the outside of the building. Save time and costs on expensive planning and building work.  Our canopies come in 2 parts for easy self installation.

Increase capacity in your existing kitchen or set up a cooking station in a location previously determined unsuitable for cooking equipment.


  • Designed for use where venting to the atmosphere is restricted or costly.
  • Quick and easy to install.
  • Four-stage filtration process removes grease, fine particles, smoke and odours.
  • For use with electrical appliances.
  • Designed to accommodate multiple pieces of equipment up to 1500mm wide.
  • 3 pin commando plug allows users to simply plug in and switch on.
  • Delivered in two sections for ease of handling, access and installation
  • Filters need to be cleaned or replaced on a regular basis options below
  • 2 year on-site warranty included for your piece of mind

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Buy Standard Recirculation Extraction Canopies Online

Description Product Code Price
Recirc Canopy 555 RC555
£5917 £3277 + VAT
Baffle filter 555 BF555
£66 + VAT
Carbon filter 555 CF555
£70 + VAT
G4 filter set 555 G4555
£18 + VAT
HEPA filter 555 HEPA555
£303 + VAT
Recirc Canopy 1050 RC1050
£7615 £4210 + VAT
Baffle filter 1050 BF1050
£132 + VAT
Carbon filter 1050 CF1050
£139 + VAT
G4 filter set 1050 G41050
£33 + VAT
HEPA filter 1050 HEPA1050
£603 + VAT
Recirc Canopy 1551 RC1551
£10792 £5958 + VAT
Baffle filter 1551 BF1551
£196 + VAT
Carbon filter 1551 CF1551
£207 + VAT
G4 filter set 1551 G41551
£50 + VAT
HEPA filter 1551 HEPA1551
£903 + VAT

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