All In One Extraction Canopies

With lighting baffle filters, fan motor and speed controller

Using our vast experience we have sourced extremely high quality commercial stainless steel extraction canopy systems at a fraction of the price of bespoke systems.

These amazing value canopies include a Centrifugal fan motor, built in speed controller, stainless steel baffle filters, built in lighting, grease tap and the amazing prices you see in our online shop include delivery to Mainland UK with a lead time of 7 working days. Highlands and Islands deliveries may have an additional cost.

The canopies come vented from the top as standard. These canopies are ideal for small or medium duty kitchens wanting commercial extraction for a fraction of the price of bespoke or heavy duty canopy systems. Because we use centrifugal fans there is no exterior noise for your neighbours to worry about.

We are also happy to install these canopies for you including all necessary ductwork and fittings, please ask us for a price.

We have also sourced a very cost effective range of recirculation canopies where building works or external ducting may cause an issue. These systems can be fitted in any kitchen but can only be used with electric equipment. These recirculation canopies can easily be installed by yourself or we will be happy to fit them for you at an extra cost. Our online pricing includes delivery to Mainland UK with a lead time of 7 working days. Highlands and Islands deliveries may have an additional cost.

If you are looking for heavy duty or bespoke canopy for your kitchen we supply and fit these systems, including odour controller and silencers where required or If you need plans or designs drawn - please call 01953 542 434 or email for a quote today.

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Buy All In One Extraction Canopies Online

Description Product Code Price
Recirc Canopy 555 RC555
£5917 £3277 + VAT
Baffle filter 555 BF555
£66 + VAT
Carbon filter 555 CF555
£70 + VAT
G4 filter set 555 G4555
£18 + VAT
HEPA filter 555 HEPA555
£303 + VAT
Recirc Canopy 1050 RC1050
£7615 £4210 + VAT
Baffle filter 1050 BF1050
£132 + VAT
Carbon filter 1050 CF1050
£139 + VAT
G4 filter set 1050 G41050
£33 + VAT
HEPA filter 1050 HEPA1050
£603 + VAT
Recirc Canopy 1551 RC1551
£10792 £5958 + VAT
Baffle filter 1551 BF1551
£196 + VAT
Carbon filter 1551 CF1551
£207 + VAT
G4 filter set 1551 G41551
£50 + VAT
HEPA filter 1551 HEPA1551
£903 + VAT
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