5 Reasons to Redesign Your Commercial Kitchen

Is the design of your commercial kitchen holding your business back? A redesign of your kitchen can have big benefits to your customers and your profits. Here are 5 good reasons to redesign your commercial kitchen.

  1. Go with the flow!

    Designing your commercial kitchen with a fast and easy flow between all areas from food prep to the service area will mean your customers will receive their food quicker and make life easier for your team. Look at the layout in your commercial kitchen and see how it can be improved. Don’t forget to also ask the people who work in the area what they think may be improved.

  2. Get some space

    Storage within a commercial kitchen is very often an issue. You need to make sure you have good storage areas for refrigerators, freezers, cold rooms and dry storage. A new design can help improve this area so you can increase your storage and reduce deliveries.

  3. Easy service

    If your service area is not easily accessible for serving staff then a new design can improve this. Staff need to be able to move in and out of the kitchen quickly and easily, without having to walk along way to the customer area.

  4. Improve your equipment

    New commercial catering equipment will improve your team’s efficiency and the quality of your food. If your equipment is getting old, faults and failures will have a detrimental affect on your service. Don’t forget you can lease equipment of obtain finance if your cash flow is tight.

  5. Update your ventilation

    All commercial kitchens are legally required to have an extraction system so make sure yours meets all current regulation.  Don’t forget that all extraction systems need easy access for maintenance and cleaning.

It's always best to have your commercial kitchen designed by a professional. Ideal Catering have over 20 years experience of commercial catering and can advise, design and install your commercial kitchen.

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Posted on 16th September 2021

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