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Why financing your New Catering Equipment it the best option.

If you are in business, Leasing is the cash flow friendly way to finance all the equipment you need whilst giving you the flexibility to ensure you can keep up to date with new technology.

Spread the Cost - Low fixed monthly payments, over 2, 3, 4 or 5 years, helps cash flow so you can get more of the equipment you need today.

No large upfront payments - So now you can save your cash & credit terms for other things, keeping your capital working in your business.

Fully tax deductible - Every payment made to a lease is fully tax deductible, meaning that you can claim back up to 40% of the total amount that you lease (see example).

Getting the right machine for the right job - because a lease spreads the cost of financing capital equipment, it enables you to buy the right machine for the job, instead of perhaps buying the machine you think you can afford.

Upgrade Old for New - Leasing lets you upgrade as your business needs to change, so your equipment is never out of date.

Fast Turnaround - Approval in minutes means you can take delivery of the equipment your business needs when it is needed

Quote Tool - Please download our spreadsheet to work out your quote.

Kennet Equipment Leasing

* You should consult your accountant in regards to your own circumstances.